Mármoles Euroamérica, S.L (Ltd.) is a family business founded in 1999, fruit of the hard work, eagerness and the experience gained through the years both in the making and in the transformation of the natural stone.

Our work is based on a course of action characterized by its professionalism and quality commitment with our clients. To achieve all this we count on the best machinery, technology and qualified staff. Our cutting line, reinforced, polished and special cuts allow us to reach the best quality and perfection in the finishes.


We are manufacturers, we work the stone from the beginning and it is supplied by us, with no intermediaries. We bet on the state of the art technology techniques and machinery which, added to the quality of the raw material that we use, allow us to get a one-of-a-kind produc. We can perform different cuts:

  • Slab cutting, choosing thickness/choosing how thick you want it
  • Flagstone cutting in different measures
  • Different polishes or finishes



Due to its elegant look and variety of styles, it can be used both in all types of constructions and decorative elements.


It can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is very easy to clean and it’s worth noting its great resistance to humidity and changes in temperature.


Among its main advantages we can find its unique nature, making two pieces never be the same.


The use of marble as a fine material is something unique in the history of construction and decoration, being a stone whose use remains in all the architectural styles.

We are located in Pinoso, Alicante. It is an exceptional environment for the extraction of the best quality marble of the country and where its utilisation is understood as an art form.

From the main extracting region of Ivory cream marble of Spain we export to:

  • Italy
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Morocco
  • Brazil
  • Colombia

From our quarries in Pinoso, we extract our exclusive materials:

  • Ivory Cream
  • Rojo Alicante
  • Dark Emperador
  • Nero Marquina
  • Sandstone and Travertine

Mármoles Euroamerica